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SESA is still in business

SESA is still in business Sports & Editorial Services Australia is saddened that Dennis Jones had to put his distribution company Dennis Jones & Associates into administration recently. SESA benefitted considerably from Dennis and his loyal and proactive staff’s efforts …

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Vietnam heroes celebrate their 50th anniversary

On 14 November 2017 the members of the Australian football team that went to Saigon and won our first international trophy celebrated the 50th anniversary of their victory

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50th Anniversary of victory in Vietnam

50th Anniversary of the victory in Vietnam By Roy Hay In 1967 at the height of the Vietnam War, the Australian government, led by Harold Holt, agreed it would be

Football at Coranderrk

Indigenous players didn’t invent Australian rules but they did make it their own

Aboriginal Australian men playing football in a paddock at Coranderrk. N. J Caire 1837-1918, photographer. State Library of Victoria. (This article was first published in The Conversation on 25


Playground fitba rules

Playground fitba rules We all know the rules to the senior game but do you remember the rules of Primary School playground fitba? (In other parts of the English-speaking

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Who sponsors the AFC Bournemouth Under-10s?

Who sponsors the AFC Bournemouth Under-10s? (An abbreviated version of this story appeared as 'Butler ready to serve', in the Geelong Advertiser, Friday 1 May 2015, p. 58.) Roy Hay The

The Australian team return with the trophy from the Independence Day tournament in Vietnam. Source: Soccer World, 1 December 1967, p. 1.

A missing part of a bigger picture

A missing part of a bigger picture Roy Hay This week Australians and others around the world will remember the carnage that was the two world wars of the 20th

Rules of the Melbourne Football Club

A heterodox suggestion about the origins of football in Victoria

A heterodox suggestion about the origins of football in Victoria Roy Hay (This article first appeared in the Almanac on 3 April 2015 at

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Soccer in New South Wales 1880–1980

Phil Mosely Soccer in New South Wales, 1880–1980 has just been published by Sports and Editorial Services Australia and Vulgar Press, Bannockburn and Carlton, Victoria. It is available

Norm Hobson for corner

Vale Norm Hobson

Norman Hobson, 1935–5 December 2014 Roy Hay Norm Hobson was one of Australia’s best goalkeepers in the 1950s and 1960s. He arrived from England where he had played with Leeds

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