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Aboriginal People and Australian Football

Aboriginal People and Australian Football in the Nineteenth Century: They Did Not Come from Nowhere Roy Hay ISBN: 9781527526488 Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2PA, UK, 2019. Hardback, A5, 315 pages, illustrated. RRP £64.99. Australia $99.00. Available 19 […]

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Playground fitba rules

Playground fitba rules We all know the rules to the senior game but do you remember the rules of Primary School playground fitba? (In other parts of the English-speaking

Unofficial anthem gets another outing

Unofficial anthem gets another outing Roy Hay Waltzing Matilda is still Australia’s unofficial national anthem in many people’s minds. The late Dennis O’Keeffe thought that at heart it was a

Australian sport’s Mandela moment?

Australian sport’s Mandela moment?[1] Roy Hay Nelson Mandela, the recently deceased former president of the Republic of South Africa, was always conscious of the power of sport to symbolise,

Australia and FIFA

Leo Baumgartner (centre) heading. His arrival in Australia in 1958 to play for Prague was the catalyst for the suspension of Australia's membership of FIFA from 1960 to

From Emus to Socceroos: How the national team got its name

From Emus to Socceroos: The real origins of national team’s name at last Roy Hay and David Hearder (This story first appeared in Goal Weekly, 24 February 2012, pp. 1–3,

Charles Perkins: footballer, activist, administrator

Charles Perkins: Footballer, activist, administrator Roy Hay (This article appeared in Goal Weekly on 23 December 2011, p. 19.) Charles Perkins was a pioneering figure in the recognition of the Aboriginal

Back among the books in 2011

Back among the books in 2011 Roy Hay (This appeared in the Geelong Advertiser, on 5 December 2011, p. 20 as 'Book it now, Winnie. Diversions, plagiarism and whodunnits'). It is

Miller Legacy confirmed

Annie Wakeford (extreme left) and Norma May Mawson (second left) welcome the Victorian Minister for Housing, Wendy Lovell (cemtre) to the new Miller

A new look at soccer violence

A new look at soccer violence Roy Hay Deakin University Originally published as: Roy Hay, ‘A new look at soccer violence’, in Denis Hemphill, All part of the game: Violence and Australian

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