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Real forwards

Homage to di Stefano

Homage to di Stefano Roy Hay The death of Alfredo di Stefano at the age of 88 has robbed us of one of the greatest players the world of football has ever seen. Though a modern generation would mention Maradona, …

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History of Football Email Signature[1]

Bibliography to accompany A History of Football in Australia

A bibliography of Australian football The following list of books, articles, chapters, reports and other material relating to football in Australia was compiled by Roy Hay, Bill Murray,

bookends of two careers. Harry Kewell of Victory and Brett Emerton of Sydney FC

Harry Kewell: Star Quality

Harry Kewell: Star quality Roy Hay Harry Kewell is bringing down the curtain on a stellar career at the end of the current A-League season. It is a pity that

Pic 2 Commissioners Camp, Castlemaine lr

Australian sport’s Mandela moment?

Australian sport’s Mandela moment?[1] Roy Hay Nelson Mandela, the recently deceased former president of the Republic of South Africa, was always conscious of the power of sport to symbolise,

Baumgartner heading

Australia and FIFA

Leo Baumgartner (centre) heading. His arrival in Australia in 1958 to play for Prague was the catalyst for the suspension of Australia's membership of FIFA from 1960 to


Coming full circle: Betting scandals then and now

HayCoverArt1 Coming full circle: Betting scandals then and now Roy Hay Betting scandals and corruption in sport are not new, nor are links between sport and organised crime. The

Frank Mitchell

The Unknown Australian who played for England

The unknown Australian who played for England Roy Hay (A shorter version was originally published in Australian Soccer Weekly, c. 1 July 1993. The article also draws on a column


Ayr United player and Australian visitor retires

Former Ayr United player and Australian visitor retires Roy Hay Quite a surprise at the amount of media coverage of the retirement of a former Ayr United player given that

Luis Suarez with Australian Flag lr

Does the punishment fit the crime? Sanctions in soccer

Does the punishment fit the crime?: Sanctions in Association football Roy Hay Uruguayan national team and Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is in the news because he has been banned for

Elkes shoots

England in Australia in 1925

Jack Elkes of England shoots for goal in the match against Western Australia at Fremantle Oval on 9 May 1925. The Western Australian players from the

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